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FALL 2023
The lantern wedding banner.jpg
The Lantern Wedding by Offenbach
 Opérette in 1 act, English adaptation by Brian Yeakley
Operativo's First "Salón"
(Adaptation available for rent, email for details)
Performed at TheVillage.LOVE

Salonnière - Judi Dai

Director - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Cristian Guzman


Fanchette - Giulianna Misasi

Catherine - Whitney Wells

Guillot - Joe de la Torre Palomino

Denise - Megan Weeks

Le Garde Champetre - Juan Garza

FALL 2022-SUMMER 2023
Ruthless! the musical
by Marvin Laird & Joel Paley
​Performed at Houston Saengerbund's Saenger Halle

Director/Conductor - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Cat Schaefer


Judy - Ashley Gilberg

Tina - Macie Tielke

Sylvia - Maria Johnigan

Miss Thorn - Kaylie McCarter

Louise - Avery Niceswanger

Eve - Clarke Josey

Frederick - Cameron Wheatley

Rachel/Judge/Announcer - Indy Dai


Judy - Ashley Gilberg

Tina - Landry Lumpkin

Sylvia - Maria Johnigan

Miss Thorn - Clarke Josey

Louise - Lola Tielke

Eve - Kaylie McCarter

Frederick - James Johingan

Rachel/Judge/Announcer - Indy Dai

Alcina final poster.jpg
Alcina by Handel
Opera Seria in 3 Acts
Performed at Houston Saengerbund's Saenger Halle

Director - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Johnathan Forbes


Alcina - Renee Macdonald

Morgana - Christine Cummins

Melisso - Brady Spell

Ruggiero - Mike Miller

Bradamante - Meaghan Heath

Oberto - Megan Weeks


Alcina - Samantha Long

Morgana - Arianna Perroots

Melisso - Brady Spell

Ruggiero - Avanti Dey

Bradamante - Megan Ferrarri

Oberto - Megan Weeks

FALL 2021-SPRING 2022
Elixir Comic Book_edited.jpg
Elixir of Love by Donizetti
​Performed at Garza Studios in Studio 9

Director - Sara Cox

Pianist - Antonio Sanz


Adina - Elena Klein

Nemorino - Brian Yeakley

Dulcamara - Cam

Belcore - Juan Garza

Gianetta - Megan Krisch


Sarah Chaudhary, Amanda Garza, Alessandro Gucciardi, Oliver Hassal, Sean Holshouser

Zanetto by Mascagni
Scena Lirica in One Act
Performed at Garza Studios in Studio 5

Director - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Andrew Schneider


Silvia - Renee Macdonald

Zanetto - Whitney Robinson

FALL 2020-SPRING 2021
unnamed (3).jpg
The Masterful Maid
 music by Georg Phillip Telemann
An English adaptation of Telemann's "Pimpinone"
Performed at Garza Studios in Blackbox Studio 9.

Director - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Antonio Sanz


Vespetta - Julie Jackson

Pimpinone - Juan Garza


Vespetta - BriAnna Dewar

Pimpinone - Christian Brooks

Communicable logo.jpeg
Brian Yeakley
A New Opera in One Act
Performed online.

Director - Brian Yeakley

Pianist - Antonio Sanz


Zero - Erin McDaniels

Doctor - Juan Garza

Ipo - Sarah Dyer

Vano - Melissa Krueger

Madama D'Oro - Brianne Kollmorgen

Justina - Julia Fox


Zero - Krista Pape

Doctor - Juan Garza

Ipo - Brian Yeakley

Vano - Megan Berti

Madama D'Oro - Brianne Kollmorgen

Justina - Kanisha Feliciano

FALL 2019-SPRING 2020
The Measure of Love art 1.jpg
Measure of Love
Graham Yates & Debra McClure
A Family Opera in two acts
Performed in MATCH Gallery, Operativo Houston premiered their first work!

Director - Brian Yeakley

Stage Manager - Miriam Green

Pianist - Antonio Sanz


Hastings - Rachel Lamphier

Merchant - Jarrell Comeaux

Lieutenant Sprane - Juan Garza

Polly - Kanisha Marie Feliciano

Jack -Brian Yeakley

Chaplain - Emily Howles Heilman

Admiral - Johnny Salvesen


Polly - Julia Fox

Hastings/Chaplain - Audrey Welsh

Cendrillon art 1.jpg
Pauline Viardot
Salon Opera in One Act
Cancelled due to COVID-19. Planned to perform at French Alliance of Houston.

Director - Alyssa Weathersby

Stage Manager - Miriam Green

Pianist - Antonio Sanz


Cendrillon - Jessica Moss

Prince - Esteban Cordero

Count Barigoule - Thomas O'Neill

Baron Pictordu - Juan Garza

Maguelonne - Krista Pape/Elena Klein

Armelinde - Kaarin Phelps
La Fee - Kanisha Marie Feliciano


Cendrillon - Erin McDaniels

Armelinde - Rachel Lamphier

La Fee - Elena Klein


She Loves Me
Masteroff, Bock & Harnick
Two Act Comedic Musical
Performed in MATCH Box 1, Operativo Mentoring Program takes on a Musical Theater classic to show kids a singing heavy show!

Production Manager - Brian Yeakley

co-Directors - Jillian Maxwell & Miriam Green

Stage Manager - Meagan Smallwood

Assistant Stage Managers - Leslie Dunklee & Ryan Cooper

Lighting Design - Edgar Guajardo

Costume Design - Lisa Maxwell

Set Builders - Michael Savage, Jonathan Frazier


Guest Artist Cast

Amalia - Elena Klein

Ritter - Gwen Diaz

Georg - Jonathan Frazier

Mr. Maraczek - Aaron Oberlander

Sipos - RJ Munguia

Kodaly - Davian Raggio

Arpad - Devon Murdock

Waiter - Brian Yeakley

Keller/Customer - Natalia Leslie

Customer - Taylor Jackson

Customer - Madison Jackson

Paul - Austin Wright

Dancer - Savie Richardson

Emerging/Young Artist Cast

Amalia - Alex Hattan

Ritter - Nicoleta Savage

Georg - Tyler Pitman

Mr. Maraczek - Will Wright

Sipos - Dustin Vickers

Kodaly - RJ Munguia

Arpad - Devon Murdock

Waiter - Davian Raggio

Keller - Natalia Leslie

Customer - Julianne Garza

Customer - Taylor Jackson

Customer - Quinn Morgenroth/Madison Jackson

Paul - Austin Wright

Dancer - Savie Richardson

Mr. Cauliflower by Jacques Offenbach
One Act Comedic Operetta


Our highly successful version of a 45 minute comedy complete with French people acting Italian. Involved Cello and Guitar playing, received new flats. Performed at Bayou Manor and Pattie Barrett's House.

Director/Set Design/Outreach coordinator - Audrey Welsh

Pianist- Matthew Gutwald

Substitute Pianist - Ben Sieben

Stage Manager/Sound - Julius Sanchez

Conductor - Nathan Lerner


Mr. Cauliflower - Juan Garza

Ernestine - Jessica Ferring-Glenn

Chrysodule Babylas - Brian Yeakley

Petermann - Thomas O'Neill

Mr. Balandard - Chaz Corder

Mrs. Balandard - Miriam Green

Boheme ad for online.jpg
La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini
Four Act Opera


An Operativo attempt at a mini-Boheme in the Royal Oaks Country Club. Highly attended and regarded as a wonderful performance!

Director/Tambourine - Brian Yeakley

Conductor - Ryan Rogers

Coach/Pianist - Catherine Schaefer

Rehearsal Pianist - Christian McGee

Assistant Director - Audrey Welsh

Stage Manager - Miriam Green


Rodolfo - Thomas Soto

Mimi - Maria Khoobyar

Musetta - Jessica Ferring Glenn

Marcello - Juan Garza

Colline - Johnny Salvesen

Schaunard - Brady Spell

Alcindoro/Benoit - Nathan Lerner


Mimi - Gabrielle Reed

Musetta - Suzanne Gregory

Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim
two act musical

​A triumphant third return to MATCH in Box 2, a minimalist take on a huge well known work. Launch of Operativo's summer Mentoring Program.

Director/Music Director - Brian Yeakley

Production Manager - Rachel Walrath

Assistant Director - Miriam Green

Stage Manager - Meagan Smallwood

Assistant Stage Managers - Jason Rojas & Bryan Rivera

Lighting - Ari Bealle

Projections - Leslie Dunklee


Guest Artist Cast

Narrator/Mysterious Man - Nnamdi Nwankwo

Cinderella - Suzanne Gregory

Witch - Dani Wojcik

Baker - Ben Boskoff

Baker's Wife - Emily Moses

Stepmother/Cinderella's Mother - Jacquline Lorrain

Cinderella's Prince/Wolf - Johnny Salvesen

Jack - Davian Raggio

Little Red - Emma Balsamo

Florinda - Ariadne Lopez (single cast)

Lucinda - Ivonne Arguellas (single cast)

Jack's Mother - Reese Reynolds

Cinderella's Father - Austin Wright (single cast)

Rapunzel - Rebecca Francis

Rapunzel's Prince - RJ Munguia (single cast)

Steward - Cash Borden (single cast)

Granny - Sherry Balsamo

Sleeping Beauty - Savie Richardson (single cast)

Snow White - Nicoleta Savage

Milky White - Jacob Johnson

Fake Milky White - Maddox Richardson

Emerging/Young Artist Cast

Narrator - William Candy

Cinderella - Alex Hattan

Witch - Madison Jackson

Baker - Zac Richardson

Baker's Wife - Jillian Maxwell

Jack - Ivan Moreno

Little Red - Nicoleta Savage

Stepmother - Caroline Koonce

Cinderella's Mother - Rebecca Francis

Florinda - Ariadne Lopez (single cast)

Lucinda - Ivonne Arguellas (single cast)

Cinderella's Prince - Tyler Pitman

Wolf - Cooper Richardson

Mysterious Man - Will Wright

Jack's Mother - Taylor Jackson

Cinderella's Father - Austin Wright (single cast)

Rapunzel - Gwen Diaz

Granny - Miriam Green

Snow White - Riley Jackson

Milky White - Maddox Richardson

Fake Milky White - Jacob Johnson

La Scala di Seta website banner.jpg
La Scala di Seta
by Gioacchino Rossini
one act farsa comica

One act Rossini opera with a huge, looming, projector screen. Yet another house concert, successfully done.

Pianist - Andrew Schneider

Director - Laura Coale

Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Miriam Green

Set Design - Brian Yeakley


Germano - Johnny Salvesen

Giulia - Julia Fox

Lucilla - Lauren Henderson-Turner

Dorvil - Brian Yeakley

Blansac - Juan Garza

Dormont - Zachary Thomas Newman

L'Italiana in Algeri 
by Gioacchino Rossini
two act dramma giocoso

Second year at MATCH in Box 1, a fresh new take on the well known piece to be set in a hospital filled with Rossinian hijinks!

Conductor - Ryan Rogers

Pianist - Andrew Schneider

Director - Dani Wojcik

Stage Manager - Julius Sanchez

Assistant Stage Managers - Jarrell Comeax, Kirstie MacCallum

Props - Maria Khoobyar


Violin - James Watts

Violin - Jose Camacho

Viola - Kyle Rivera

Cello - Omar Escobedo

Flute - Jessica Wu

Clarinet - Savannah Ramirez

Oboe - Haley Hoffman

Bassoon - Cameron Bonner

Horn - Sarah Yarbrough

Trumpet - Matthew Mondragon


Whitney Robinson/Megan Berti as Isabella

Brian Yeakley as Lindoro

Johnny Salvesen as Mustafa

Kaitlyn Stavinoha/Virginia Hesse as Elvira

Richard Coleman as Taddeo

Jessica Blau/Naomi Brigell as Zulma

Tyler Beck as Haly

Yunxuan Zhu as Patient, Italian, Pappataci

Veronica Williams as Visitor, Italian, Pappataci, Isabella cover

L'heure Espagnole by Maurice Ravel
45 minute opera

Adult opera made into Children's concert. Our first concert performed with the Campbell Learning Center.

Pianist - Andrew Schneider

Miscellaneous Percussion and Keyboard - Graham Yates

Conductor - Catherine Schaefer

Subtitles adapted and written by Brian Yeakley, ran by Emily Moses


Megan Berti/Veronica Williams as Concepcion

Cairee Mayfield as Ramiro

Avery Rabon as Torquemada

Benjamin Boskoff as Gonzalve

Johnny Salveson as Don Inigo Gomez

Soirees Musicales by
Gioacchino Rossini
A staged song cycle

A beautiful house concert with a small plot added to the original songs composed by Rossini, two young women begin to lose hope waiting for their sailors to come home, but then they came home...

Accompanied by Ryan Rogers

Special thanks to Patti Barrett


Maria Khoobyar as Elvira

Emily Walton as Eloisa

Priscilla Salisbury as Pastorella

Brian Yeakley as Beppe

Nnamdi Nwankwo as Tonio

An Operativo Christmas
Professional Christmas Caroling


An experiment to add  fundraising for the company and local singers, as well as engaging in opportunities to entertain and enrich the local community with operatic Christmas Caroling.

Participating Artists: Erin Lorrain Kenneavy, Laura Coale, Avery Rabon, Stewart Gaitin, Julie Jackson, Jacqueline Skinner, Brian Yeakley, Nnamdi Nwanko, Liz Gautsche, Ryan Frenk, Ivan Ley

Organizations Involved: Julep Bar Houston, Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Harris Health Systems

Rita by Gaetano Donizetti
a one act opera-comique

A ridiculous "domestic" comedy involving a power hungry window, her quiet and reserved husband, and the return of her former husband.

Accompanied by Andrew Schneider


Kaylie Kahlich as Rita

Brian Yeakely as Beppe

Eliodoro Castillo as Gasparo

Actaeon with selections from Charpentier and J.S. Bach
a one act pastorale

The young man Actaeon finds himself in the midst of fairies and his idol, the great Goddess Diana. However, Juno finds a better plan for the young man and his ill fate.

Accompanied by Andrew Schneider


Kaitlyn Stavinoha as Actaeon

Danielle Wojcik as Diana

Laura Coale as Juno

Erin Kenneavy as Daphne

Cristina Amaro as Arethuze

Sarah Chaudhary as Fairy

Our Last Shot! At a Contract
a one act opera "La Cambiale di Matrimonio"
at the Last Concert Cafe

A fantastic, short one act taking place at a Mexican Restaurant, casual and utterly Rossinian! The final concert of our fundraising series.


Accompanied by Mary Box


Participating Artists: Julia Engel, Whitney Robinson, Heath Martin, Eric Delagrange, Rameen Chaharbaghi, Brian Yeakley

Witches. Riches. Opera.
a preview concert at Memorial Drive Presbyterian


An exciting preview concert with additional arias and future summer program attendees. The second concert of our fundraising series.


Accompanied by Andrew Schneider


Participating Artists: Amy Sheffer, Julie Hoeltzel, Kaylie Kahlich, Brian Yeakley

Flash and Trash Aria Competition
at the Russian Cultural Center


An extremely casual night where our singers performed their favorite competition arias, and the audience picked their favorite! The initial concert of our fundraising series.


Accompanied by Adam Stout | Audience Choice Winner: Anna Diemer


Other Participating Artists: Whitney Robinson, Alex Scheuermann, Sarah Bauer, Amy Sheffer, Anna Berry

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