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Operativo Houston is looking for a stage manager to serve in performances. As the company is in the first few years of development, production and crew costs are cut back in order to serve the interests of our professional artists.


DESCRIPTION: One paid Stage Manager position is available for this program. Non-paid stage hand positions are available, please send in a resume to to see eligibility.  Duties will include keeping the space neat and tidy, potentially running projections/surtitles, and liaison from artists to creative team using Team App.


ELIGIBILITY: Should have an exceptional interest in opera/music theater and must have a positive demeanor and solid work ethic. Ability to deal with similarly aged or older colleagues in a mature manner is required. Candidates for stage management positions must be able to read music to the point of being able to follow along with the score. All candidates should have previous related experience.



Materials should be emailed to addressed to Mr. Brian Yeakley.

Assistant Director


Job Dates                    Pay

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Operativo Houston Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization of Texas

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