Interested in performing with Operativo in its Concerts or Summer Shows? Please see the information below to become part of the Operativo Family!

AUDITIONS for Operativo Houston's Communicable will be held this year in SEPTEMBER for the workshop in OCTOBER!


CONCERT OPERA: (sung in English)
Communicable Opera Workshop
Music and Lyrics by Brian Yeakley
Workshop Showcase - October 30th and October 31st


Zero, Lyric Soprano with Extension (Think Violetta)

Doctor, Baritone or Bass-Baritone (Supporting part)

Ipo, High Tenor or Contralto (high D for tenor, low (male) E for alto)

Nurse Vano, Mezzo-soprano (Think Cenerentola/baroque mezzo)

Madama D'oro, Dramatic Soprano (perfect for a young dramatic)

Justina, Coloratura Soprano (Ideally light, may also be dramatic col)

The roles for the actual premiere have already been cast, and the people who are singing the roles are invited for the performance of this and the rehearsals. Those selected for the workshop will be covers or 2nd string (if the artist gets another contract, then you are in to perform in December). This is to give as many people a chance to perform as possible, as work is slim pickings for all of us this year.

To fill out an audition form and request an online audition click on the image below:
auditions banner image.jpg

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