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Operativo Houston Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization of Texas


Interested in performing with Operativo in its Concerts or Summer Shows? Please see the information below to become part of the Operativo Family!


Auditions will be on September 7th, 2019 at Chapelwood United Methodist.

In order to sing for us, please sign up HERE.


Deadline to sign up is September 1st, 2019.

You may also keep an eye out for our YAP Tracker Listing still under approval.

The Measure of Love, November 21st and 23rd, 2019 @ 7:30pm
Venue: MATCH Gallery
Singer Fees - If two mezzos and basses are cast, fee is $70 per person, if one mezzo and bass are cast, fee is $100 per person.

Rehearsals times will be evenings: 6-9

Rehearsals will take place in a church in Memorial Area.

Rehearsal Dates October 26, November 2, 9, 16, 17


Brian Yeakley will be directing. VERY simple blocking, try to get it partially memorized.

Mrs. Hastings (mezzo): the butler*

The Merchant (bass): the master of the house, father of Polly*

Lt. Sprane (baritone): a decorated sailor, about to be betrothed to Polly

Polly (soprano): a young woman, daughter of the Merchant, in love with Jack

Jack (tenor): a young sailor, in love with Polly

The Chaplain (mezzo): assigned to HMS Defiant*

The Admiral (bass): a seasoned warrior, in love with the sea and the glory of war*

*mezzo and bass roles may have 1 person playing each.


Cendrillon by Pauline Viardot, March 21 and 22, 2020
Venue: House Concert & Brazos Towers

Pianist Fee - $300

Singers Fee - will split ticket money and audience donations either 6 or 7 ways.
Rehearsals at Churches: 6-9, Saturday 2-5
Rehearsal Dates February 15, 22, 29 March 7-14


Seeking female director, stage manager, supertitles coordinator, pianist (if pianist could coach French, would be nice as well), and conductor (just to keep singers together, performance conductor is optional)

Le Baron de Pictordu (baritone): bumbling step-father

sits in upper passaggio often, bass-baritone could do it, its just high.

Marie/Cendrillon (soprano): protagonist
lyric or lyric-coloratura soprano, very lyrical lines, not too high. Has a C or two.

Armelinde (mezzo-soprano): step-sister of Cendrillon
just needs mezzo color and presence in the bottom of the range.

Maguelonne (soprano): step-sister of Cendrillon
light lyric ideally, is up pretty high most the show but can't cover up the other two sopranos. Must sound good with the mezzo.

La Fée (coloratura soprano): the fairy godmother
Preferably a show off, add whatever high notes and strange coloratura as you like, it just sits high so the voice can't be weighty.

Le Prince Charmant (tenor): the prince

Lyrical tenor would be ideal. Sits high and is lyric, no movement in the voice.

Le Comte Barigoule (tenor)
: Prince Charmings assistant

Lots of little bits of coloratura in mid range. Quite a good part, script makes reference to him being large.

The Light in the Piazza 2020​​​

Performances August 14th-16th

We will be hiring an orchestral Quintet for this show. If you know someone local who would work for cheap or is interested in performing this work on either Violin, Cello, Bass, Harp, or Piano, please send them to us right away!

Guest Artists (GA)

Hardworking high school juniors/seniors (by fall of 2019) and young degree seeking college students and Houston area professionals are encouraged to audition this year for the Guest Artist positions. Highly competitive for the lead roles, and will be selected as students that can serve as EXAMPLES to younger students. Lack of preparation by end of week 1 of staging rehearsals will result in IMMEDIATE termination and replacement. These positions are low payment ($100-$500), but are paid positions. No Tuition required.

Emerging Artists (EA)

Ideally are high-schoolers through sophomores in college looking to pursue a musical performance degree of some kind. Will cast up to age 23 for voices needing time for development (ex: large voices not ready to transition). Will perform compramario and lead roles. Tuition required.


We will be doing a cover run this year, it will be included in contracts and will be a private invite-only event. Family members will be invited along with anyone who is approved. May only be run with piano and conductor. See below for cover assignments based on casting.

Role Specific Rules for Light in the Piazza 2020:

Guest Artist roles available (5 spots, paid ($300-$500)):
Clara Johnson (soprano): 26 year old girl

Giuseppe Naccarelli (baritone): Older brother of Fabrizio

Franca Naccarelli (soprano): Married to Giuseppe

Priest (baritone or tenor)

Tour Guide (spoken, male or female, sassy)

Roles of Margaret Johnson, Fabrizio Naccarrelli, Signora Nacarelli, and Signor Nacarelli are already cast this year. If you would like to be placed on a call list in case these actors drop out before the rehearsal process again, please contact us using the menu above. Tiers below this point require tuition.


Emerging Artist roles available (9 spots, must pay tuition $320):

(cover) Margaret Johnson (mezzo or soprano): mother of Clara


Clara Johnson (soprano): 26 year old girl


Fabrizio Naccarelli (tenor): Italian 20 year old young and wreckless


Giuseppe Naccarelli (baritone): Older brother of Fabrizio

Franca Naccarelli (soprano): Married to Giuseppe


Signora Naccarelli (mezzo soprano): Mother of Fabrizio

Signor Naccarelli (baritone): Father of Fabrizio


Priest (baritone or tenor)

Tour Guide (spoken, male or female, sassy)