Although a huge part of Operativo’s mission is to provide singers and audiences with the experience of full-scale productions (with costumes, orchestra, and sets), concert performances are also important. Operativo's concerts currently function as fund-raising opportunities for the artists and the company, as well as being fun opportunites for the audience to get to know some local singers and repertoire associated with the company.


In the future, the artistic goal of these concerts will be to include repertoire that’s usually only done in concert form: trio sonatas, cantatas, passions, oratorios, concert arias, and art songs.


In our concerts, all donations will be split among the singers and instrumentalists.

Currently Operativo Houston Inc is a non-profit, meaning all donations are tax-deductible! Benefits for everyone!

Listed below are the currently scheduled concerts. If performers or donors would like to see a concert with a specific theme or repertoire, including pricing for private house concerts, please use the contact form on the “contact” tab of the website.




Art by Janine Dworin

WORKSHOP OPERA: (sung in English)
The Measure of Love - November 21st & 23rd, 2019
Music by Graham Yates | Libretto by Debra McClure
MATCH Gallery @ 7:30pm-9:00pm

A charming one-hour family opera, Operativo sets out to workshop one of their previous pianist's new operatic compositions! This work was conceived with family audiences in mind: a short and simple story meant for those who are looking for an introduction to the operatic genre. Utilizing minimal personnel, limited costumes and sets, and even the piano part was created with flexibility and outreach in mind. Join us in the creative process in work-shopping a new opera and be a voice in the Houston performance community!

The opera is set in London, 1805, a wealthy tea Merchant prepares for a grand party to honor Lt. Sprane upon his return from the latest battle with the Franco-Spanish fleet, and to announce his (the Merchant's) daughter's engagement to Sprane (unbeknownst to daughter, Polly!). It is the time of the third Napoleonic Coalition and time of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Come see some fun involving Polly dressing as a boy, family love, and battle scenes in all its operatic splendor!

If you end up interested in mounting a production of this opera we will provide you with information on how you can do that! Additionally, there will be ART FOR SALE before and after the show too, support local visual and performance artists!

Art by Janine Dworin

FUNDRAISING OPERA: (sung in French w/ English surtitles)
Cendrillon - March 21st & 22nd*, 2020
Composed by Pauline Viardot

Just slightly over an hour long, we are looking to perform this salon opera in an opera lover's living room as an homage to the original work! Come see Perrault's original tale of Cinderella told through the eye of a Parisian female composer from 1904! This opera has been described having Gallic wit, Italianate bel canto lines, and Viardot quirkiness! If you've seen The Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach, there is a direct quote from "Elle a fui la tourterelle"!

We will be using projections aplenty in order to tell this story most effectively! Furthermore, we are aiming to have all females on staff telling this story in direction, stage management, instrumentation, and conducting! This is an event you don't want to miss!

As this is a fundraising opera, we will be splitting ticket sales and donations among the singers, and taking the other 50% for the summer show Light in the Piazza, so come with a generous mindset!


*March 22nd is a private performance. If you would like to see the show then, please contact us to request attendance. NOTE: It is unlikely we will let more than 5 people attend on the 22nd.

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Operativo Houston Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization of Texas

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