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The Rep-Queen

No matter whether you need new rep for audition season, personal growth, a couple new students you don't know what to assign in your teaching studio, or just looking for something you've never seen before, the Rep Queen is here to help. Please take a look at our song suggestion packages, and give us as much info as possible in the forms so we can inspire you to create more music!

Suggestion Lists  - $10/$15

New Customer? Here is a rundown on how it all works:

Choose a method

Profile $15 – Provide Resume, Headshot, and 1-4 recordings of your voice, unedited to our email address. Provide the voice type you are, and what genre you’re looking for, and the Queen will send you repertoire based off of your profile.

Guest $10 – Choose your voice type off of the list, provide what genre you’re looking for, and the Queen will send you a less tailored, but still good list based off of the limited information provided.



Add Sheet Music & Performance Track Links - +$2

Due to copyright laws, we can’t just distribute sheet music to you that we have. What the Queen can do for you, though, is provide links so all you have to do is click and purchase. Be comforted by the fact that the Queen will ensure links will be to the most up to date and accurate scores. If we provide something not up to date, provide evidence and we will refund the $2.


Add an additional suggestion - +$3

Need more than 5 pieces? We can do that for you; just add $3 for research time!


Add ensemble suggestions - +$5

Need a few choices for more than just you? Easy! We can provide up to 5 ensemble suggestions for $1 each! Just provide the voice types you need and the genres you’d like to consider!


Vocal Guides by Brian Yeakley

If you are what the Queen refers to as "student status." (enrolled in classes, any age!) You qualify for specific content! Upload a pic of your student ID and you can receive vocal guides! As a teacher, Brian Yeakley has learned to train his falsetto to sing an incredible variety of repertoire from the highest soprano songs/arias all the way down to limited baritone rep (as long as it doesn't sit too low). Whether you need belting tutorials, me singing the vocal line of the piece to make sure your vowels are aligned well, or just demonstrating a vocal concept you're just not getting, Brian has you covered! This service is included for any student who takes lessons with Brian Yeakley's studio, but non-students can access this by checking the student box on the order form!


Request forms are OPEN!


Let's Get You Singing!

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