Do you teach, have, or know any young talent that would love some experience onstage?

If so, take a moment to consider having your child sing with Operativo Houston!


Operativo Houston is a company about educating and giving performers experience in the field, we are now offering the same chance to elementary through high school-ers (and even up through first few years in college) by having them perform alongside our local professionals in our new Emerging Artist Program and Young Artist Programs!

Audition deadline EXTENDED to April 11th, Online auditions only this year. If you would like still more information on the process email us at operativohouston@gmail.com

In order to sing for us, please sign up HERE.

Art by Janine Dworin

Dates Information:

Emerging and Young Artist Auditions will be on February 8th, 2020 at MATCH in the Rehearsal Rooms. There will be a second round of auditions on March 28th, 2020.

Summer 2020

You cannot miss more than 5 full rehearsals that you are called to. Please do not apply if you can't make the schedule work. There are always plenty of opportunities at Operativo.

Rehearsal Dates for Light in the Piazza:


Begins: July 13, 2019-August 8, 2020 (4 weeks)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday @ 5:00pm-9:00pm


MATCH Theater Rehearsal times:

Guest Cast - 08/10 6PM-11PM, 08/12 12PM-4PM

Emerging Cast - 08/11 6PM-11PM, 08/13 6PM-11PM

Shows: Guest Cast - August 14th, 15th @ 7:30pm

Emerging Cast - August 15th @ 2:00pm

Emerging Cast - August 16th @ 3:30pm

The Light in the Piazza 2020

​​​​Program dates: Italian coaching for those with Italian roles will be available pre-July. Music rehearsals early July. Staging Rehearsals begin late July.


Guest Artist cast (professionals Ben Boskoff, Emily Moses) | Emerging Artist cast (Zac Richardson, Jillian Maxwell)

Helpful information! (most questions are answered here!)

Guest Artists (GA)

Hardworking high school juniors/seniors (by fall of 2019) and young degree seeking college students and Houston area professionals are encouraged to audition this year for the Guest Artist positions. Highly competitive for the lead roles, and will be selected as students that can serve as EXAMPLES to younger students. Lack of preparation by end of week 1 of staging rehearsals will result in IMMEDIATE termination and replacement. These positions are low payment ($100-$500), but are paid positions. No Tuition required.

Emerging Artists (EA)

Ideally are high-schoolers through sophomores in college looking to pursue a musical performance degree of some kind. Will cast up to age 23 for voices needing time for development (ex: large voices not ready to transition). Will perform compramario and lead roles. Tuition required.

Young Artist Program (YAP)

Promising talent from Elementary, Middle, and High School age children looking for either an introduction or want to continue their studies in performance in theater. Will perform as chorus, extras, covers, and possibly compramario roles. Tuition required. For Summer of 2020 kids in Ensemble without actual named roles will pay significantly less this year.

Covers (EA and YAP)

This year all students that are only covers and ensemble members WILL have a cover performance with donation jar in the rehearsal space on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. Emerging Artists will be the chorus and ensemble for the cover performance. Audience will be small and invited.


Stay tuned, working on finding grants for said scholarships. If you have information on obtaining grants from previous experience please let us know at operativohouston@gmail.com

Tuition Requirement Details:

Tuition will be $340 for Emerging Artists & Young Artists with named roles or covers per student, Young children that do not have names and are in the ensemble as onstage children will have a tuition of $200. If a parent is working in Costume design or Head Set Builder and are saving us money, this will nullify tuition for one performer. Parents that are involved as actors in a production will be known as Guest Artists and will be free of tuition. If tuition is too high, we will sponsor fund raising for each child (ex: bake sale, chipotle night, benefit concert) for you to earn money at. If there are families of 4 or more children, we will only charge for up to 3 children for a single production, but we ask for help fundraising at events and our main-stage concerts. Tuition is non-refundable (except in extreme circumstances), being cut for lack of preparation also earns no refund.


We will be coaching the kids throughout the process to get their part down. However, we will NOT be teaching them their notes or lines in rehearsal, they must come memorized so we can work on the art. If you need private voice lessons, you may ask any of the guest artists or the director Brian Yeakley, lessons outside of rehearsal are in home and at your own expense.


We will be doing a cover run this year, it will be included in contracts and will be a private invite-only event. Family members will be invited along with anyone who is approved. May only be run with piano and conductor. See below for cover assignments based on casting.

Role Specific Rules for Light in the Piazza 2020:

Guest Artist roles available (5 spots, paid):
All paid Guest Artist roles have been cast

Tiers below this point require tuition.


Emerging Artist roles available (9 spots, tuition $340):

(cover) Margaret Johnson (mezzo or soprano): mother of Clara


Clara Johnson (soprano): 26 year old girl


Fabrizio Naccarelli (tenor): Italian 20 year old young and wreckless


Giuseppe Naccarelli (baritone): Older brother of Fabrizio

Franca Naccarelli (soprano): Married to Giuseppe


Signora Naccarelli (mezzo soprano): Mother of Fabrizio

Signor Naccarelli (baritone): Father of Fabrizio


Priest (baritone or tenor) you could be in the Guest cast, sing with professionals!

Tour Guide (spoken, male or female, sassy) you could be in the Guest cast, sing with professionals!

Young Artist roles available (9 spots, tuition $340):

Flower Seller, (cover) Margaret Johnson (mezzo or soprano): mother of Clara


Family Member #1, (cover) Clara Johnson (soprano): 26 year old girl


Squabbling Lover #1, Man #1 (cover) Fabrizio Naccarelli (tenor): Italian 20 year old young and wreckless


Bicyclist, Man #2, man on a Bike (cover) Giuseppe Naccarelli (baritone): Older brother of Fabrizio


Squabbling Lover #2, “Prostitute”(cover) Franca Naccarelli (soprano): Married to Giuseppe


Family Member #2 (cover) Signora Naccarelli (mezzo soprano): Mother of Fabrizio


Old man walking by, Newspaper seller (cover) Signor Naccarelli (baritone): Father of Fabrizio


Servant #2, Soccer playing priest (cover) Priest (baritone or tenor)

Servant #1, Family Member #3 (cover) Tour Guide (spoken, male or female, sassy)


All Young Artists will also be Tourists, Café goers, Priests and Nuns.

Young Children roles available (ages 8-14) (also called Young Artists, tuition $200):

covers for Young Artist named roles. Family Members, Soccer Players, Hand Holders, Italian Children


All Young Persons will also be Tourists and Café goers.

Special Thanks:

Operativo Houston Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization of Texas

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