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Do you teach, have, or know any young talent that would love some experience onstage?

If so, take a moment to consider having your student, child, or other inexperienced colleague sing with Operativo Houston's Mentoring program!


Operativo Houston is a company about educating and giving performers of all ages experience in the field, we are now offering the same chance to elementary through high school-ers, and even up through pre-bachelors degrees in college by having them perform alongside our local professionals in our new Emerging Artist Program and Young Artist Programs!


Placeholder Information:


Dates below subject to change

Music Rehearsal Begins:

Run thrus begin:

Tech Rehearsals:

Cover Run:


Placeholder Musical 2022

Helpful information! (most questions are answered here!)

Guest Artists (GA)

Adult audition-ers (completed or enrolled in at least a bachelors or masters degree, except for any younger aged roles) are encouraged to apply. Casting is usually pre-determined for these productions, however, a good audition may tip the scales from the original plan. See the "Get Involved" tab under the "Auditions" Section to audition as a Guest Artist. Payment for these roles are $200 each role. You will be expected to be memorized by first staging rehearsal. If you are not performing up to standard, please know for the children's need for professional example, you will be cut and replaced by the child doubled with you. We encourage you to interact with the children and hopeful professionals and teach them things if they do not know. We pay you to basically lead by example.

Emerging Artists (EA)

Middle through high school and young degree seeking college students and Houston area professionals needing more stage experience are encouraged to audition for the Emerging Artist positions. Highly competitive for all roles. Lack of preparation by end of week 1 of staging rehearsals will result in IMMEDIATE termination and replacement. Tuition is low compared to most programs, especially in opera. (other similar operatic pay to sing programs average out to $4,000+!) If you are a college level student, know you will receive honest vocal feedback anytime you request from us to discuss with your teachers and many opportunities to perform.



This year all students that have a cover (servant roles) WILL have an on-book cover performance on the dark day before the show opens.  Audience will be small and invitation only.

Tuition Requirement Details:

Tuition will be $300 per singer. You may pay in 3 installments of $100 if you like. (June 1st, July 1st, August 1st) If a parent is working in Costume design or Head Set Builder and are saving us $100 in costs proven by receipts in addition to forfeiting a wage, this will nullify tuition for up to two performers. (if desired to be a parent in costume design or other involved design area, must have experience or proof of experience.) Tuition is non-refundable (except in extreme circumstances), being cut for lack of preparation also earns no refund.



We will be doing a cover run this year on the dark day, it will be included in contracts and will be a private invite-only event. Will be run on book with stands ideally will be in the theater.

Role Specific Rules for Placeholder Musical 2022:

Guest Artist roles (13 spots, Artists are paid $200 each):


Tiers below this point require tuition. All roles this year in the emerging artist category will be performed day before opening night to a "private no staging" performance. There is no "young artist" tier nor staging run this year due to the adult content in the show.


Emerging Artist roles available (13 spots, tuition required - artists will pay $300 each):

Young Emerging Artist roles available (ages 8-13) (13 spots, tuition required - artists will pay $300 each)



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