(updated November 7th, 2021)

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She Loves Me!

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Rest of Operativo 2021-2022 season
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Posters designed by Brian Yeakley

Professional Auditions for the 2021-2022 season are now closed.
If you are interested in our future seasons, please wait for the announcement happening in September 2022.

Check out our

Singer Resource Page!

If you are a singer who is new to the

Houston area, and are looking for some singing gigs, paid or unpaid, check out this page for some guidance! You'll find links to the best resources to update your audition materials, where to find gigs, and hopefully other areas to connect to other musical local artists!

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Statement of equality:

Operativo Houston wants to address that we are for equal treatment of the singers we employ regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, weight, height, nor any other discriminatory practice, and only critique and hire based off of vocal skill, talent, and work ethic. If you are interested in fighting for the rights of your fellow singers that have been wronged and you believe Operativo as a local opera company can assist, please contact us in the About tab and we will handle business from there. If you think Operativo has made an error that could be misconstrued as discriminatory, please contact us as well and bring that to our attention.

Thank you!



Operativo Houston strives to provide local singers with performance experience and additional income, and local audiences with quality chamber performances where they can also make meaningful connections with their local artists