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We've all been feeling the restrictions of COVID-19 for quite some time. Now the nation is finally demanding the mobilization  of the movement for black Americans to have true equal rights. In these times, it is easy to feel stuck. To not help out due to the overwhelming amount of information out there, where some of it has been unhelpful. This page is dedicated to help those of us who live in Houston to be effective and helpful toward furthering the cause of equal rights for our black brothers and sisters. If there is any information that I have found and posted on this page that is unhelpful, misguided, or harmful please let me know ASAP with a personal email to bryeakley@gmail.com and I will change or take down the information.

For those of us who are white or white passing: don't succumb to fear. I'm using my whiteness and have for years to help my friends out to the best of my ability, I suggest we all try to do the same. Don't worry about messing up or appearing racist for small mistakes. You're human. Try your best and together we can help change.


I hope this page helps encourage activism through filtering of information for you, to take a step out of the research process.

Google Docs

Most, if not all, of this information is found in the google doc located HERE If you need expansion on certain subjects, or need more links/info head to the Google Doc yourself and do the work. Remember, this page is general information to help mobilize those that are afraid to start helping.

Biggest things to do:


Sign these Petitions:

These petitions are important to help further the cause of equality for black Americans.

Why do this?

The police system in America haven't existed for very long. Their origins are deeply rooted in racism. First cops were slave patrols in the early 18th century (1700s). These were small volunteer groups of armed white men who rounded up enslaved people and would instill fear to prevent revolts and rebellion. Urban police developed in the north in the mid 19th century, but mainly were founded to suppress minorities and the poor. Modern police do not exist to solve crimes. Today they still uphold and perpetuate the racist divisions in this country. You can see from the endless police murder of innocent black lives, random stop-and-frisks, and upholding racist laws while protecting abusive officers, it is clear that the system is flawed. There must be another way.

(source @TinySnekComics on twitter,

this image on my Instagram had me research police on Google,

and I verify all of this information to be true.)

Award winning EMT and first responder in Louisville, KY. March 13th, 2020 Louisville Metro Police entered the wrong home to arrest someone they already had in custody, sprayed her home with 20 rounds, shooting her 8 times killing her in her bed. When you follow the link, the petition is on the right for you to sign. If you are viewing this on your phone, click on the link below that has information filled out for you and sends a personal email to the proper contact to help bring justice for Breonna Taylor. Click here

Transgender black man who's life was taken by police in Tallahassee. This happened around May 20, 2020. Circumstances are still murky, however eyewitnesses say the police never tried to deescalate the situation. No "get down, freeze" was called out, just gun shots. Justice for McDade would be a step for black and LGBTQ+ in Florida, an epicenter of anti-transgender violence. Please note: This link goes to change.org, it is a wonderful site for petitions, just double check and be methodical with monetary donations. They will attempt to sign you up for a monthly donation to the website itself, it is super easy to cancel and cards are not charged right away. So please sign and donate a little $5 or something if you can, just double check your money goes to Tony McDade petition.

While the recent uprising from the American people for equal treatment of black lives has been sparked by the murder of George Floyd, this is only because of years and the countless lives have ended over a long period of time by the police and we have had enough. If you aren't aware of what happened, watch this video. It is graphic as it shows Floyd slowly being murdered by the cops, but it is essential for everyone to see the treatment that we are against: Murder of Floyd video

Here is a secondary petition to sign if you so wish HERE You may also demand justice for Floyd through text message by texting "FLOYD" to 55156. Standard messaging rates apply. Naturally if you google this there's sooo much information here, so if you decide to research Floyd just know there's a lot of information out there. The fight that is trying to be won here is the brutal police force placed on a man simply because he was black. The police also did not follow protocol that they are taught and nothing happened as of June except a slap on the wrist. This isn't right. More info petitions on the officers are on another petition below.

25 year old black man who was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael under a father and son's pretenses of witnessing a burglary in Satilla Shores of Glynn County. The account from McMichael wasn't released until 6 weeks following the shooting. Police have been sluggish at best and have had nothing but poor communication following the death of Arbery. This is a case of racial profiling that black man running is dangerous. No one has the right to pursue, attack, and kill an unarmed, non-threatening individual.

Petition by Travis Washington for the U.S. House of Representatives for legislation that prohibits police from shooting unarmed citizens. If a weapon hasn't been found on someone after being shot, an officer can receive a 15 year prison sentence. Washington is gaining traction for this petition and an update is found on the site, but if it is too busy for you I've provided a link on the update HERE

Petition for the murder of George Floyd taken place on May 25th, 2020 by now terminated officer Derek Chauvin badge #1087. Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng's complicit actions by not stopping officer Chauvin also deserve justice. These petitions are woefully undersigned and there is evidence against all 4 officers that they have violent previous backgrounds. I found a second petition through searching on the same site, so here's the link to that HERE.

Phew that was a ton of work huh? Well, that was step one. Please see how much work we all have to do to help out! Doing your part is hard!



There are SO MANY things to donate to. There are links national cause donations in the Google Doc HERE that include:

Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives Matter, National Bail Out Fund, George Floyd Memorial Fund, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Campaign Zero, Loveland Foundation, Marshall Project, Color of Change.


However, we will be focusing on local Houston donations as Operativo's mission is to help out the immediate local scene and provide performances in our amazing city. Donations for elsewhere are provided in the Google Doc.

Donations for the Houston community to enable help for the opressed, forgotten, and poor of the criminal justice system with the tools and love they need to succeed. You can also donate by a gift of stock, and they even have an amazon smile account! Money donated helps provide adequate counsel, social workers, assist with free therapy, and community so they are not so lonely. There are even Volunteering opportunities. More info is at the link to the website. Also Text 'JUSTICEHTX' to (202)858-1233 to give more help and involvement.

Local Houston group for the Black Lives Matter movement. The group is small but they deserve our full support, and the organization is currently growing providing lots of resources, help, and organizing peaceful non-violent protests. There are multiple ways to help this group grow. For more info on the group head HERE. On June 5th, 2020 a Chicanx/Latinx organization from South Texas called Craft Cultura that produce stories of empowerment started a gofundme to donate to this group. Check if they are still accepting donations HERE The goal has been reached, but how great would it be if they doubled their original intention? Checkout BLMHouston's Facebook page for up to date videos and information about what is going on around you! This will help involvement: BLMHouston Facebook Page

The Houston NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) strives to fight racial disparities on the local level, working to provide equality and focus on voter rights and registration, extending to racial profiling and economic inequality. (Information paraphrased from thrillist.com original article HERE.

Unfortunately that's all my digging could come up with locally, if anybody has any other local Houston nonprofit groups to donate to furthering the national cause for black equality, please send me an email at bryeakley@gmail.com


Write your representatives:

This is for reparatory justice for slavery to vote in a bill called H.R. 40, it sets up a commission to examine the institution of slavery and its impact and make recommendations for reparations to Congress. If you don't trust this site, there is a listing of all our current council members HERE where by entering your address you can get all their contact info etc. yourself and copy/paste the info from the reparations site or call the numbers and read the information on H.R. 40.

This is a pre-written email asking officials to repeal 50A to increase police accountability. If you want to raise awareness for this on social media the hashtag is #Repeal50A. This is a google document, just copy and paste the email, and fill out the blanks then send it to the emails they provide. Easy peasey!

This is for the current COVID-19 pandemic issue for black and latinx business owners who are not receiving federal aid for corona virus relief. To protect them this link asks to contact Congress to pass the HEROES Act. Please Note: This website after filling out your info will contact you to update you, YOU MAY UNSUBSCRIBE ANYTIME including immediately by texting "STOP" to 55156. Please don't let this be a deterrent.

This is a pre-written email asking our mayor and chief of police to ensure our officers are not abusing their power and are held accountable for their actions. There are great pointed questions in it. You will have to follow up on your own if they respond to you. Houston's Mayor is Sylvester Turner and Chief of Police is Art Acevedo. Their contact info is at the link below the email template. Another easy peasy one!


Educate yourself

This section is ongoing, but make sure you start with ALL the Articles and Instagram posts, and slowly educate yourself with the books, and lists. (I'm a slow and impatient reader, so I'll be podcasting a lot.)



Instagram Posts:


Attending Protests!

Check out the Black Lives Matter Facebook page link in step two and try to attend a protest if you're able bodied and willing. All these resources should be used a lot more if you can't attend a protest or are unable to. If you do attend keep these things in mind:

Instagram Advice

for White People Attending Protests


Easy stuff

Don't be a moron. This isn't your moment to shine. This isn't your time to be like "look I did all these things" all over Instagram. Don't message your black friends to say "here look I'm doing it" Even if "the system" is the reason we were all ignorant to these microaggressions and offensive actions taken toward our black friends, colleagues, loves, etc. it is NO excuse to have treated them poorly in the past. You won't make up for it. You will never have your black friend be satisfied with you. This is going to take generations to even begin the healing process. Just do your best and check your ego at the door. Be kind and spread your kindness, get over the fact that they won't 100% have your back in educating yourself on their struggle. It isn't their job. It is our job to be responsible for ourselves. It's SO hard to read this in text and not want to cry I know. I'm a person who needs everyone to like me, and it is super hard to know that I will never gain approval. But again, that isn't why you need to do this and help out. We are here for the collective good of humanity. We all love each other and will still love each other in later months. Just please know, this is a process, and it isn't about us. Support your black friends, treat them as human beings. We're here for them. Keep posting on social media these resources and things you've learned in this process, and be okay with the situation if one of your friends need to you to be re-educated in certain things. I love you all, and want our world to thrive in peace and justice. So let's do the hard work <3

Brian Yeakley

I've attached the audio here below of this paragraph if you'd like to hear my inflection.

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Support black owned businesses in Houston


Excellent article detailing some nonprofits and black-owned restaurants not mentioned above. It also down the list has some black-owned galleries, arts organizations, and local retailers!


Be Kind and Repeat

Remember it is an everyday slog. Let's all talk it out together over and over. Really examine things we can make and do. Everything that is progressive listed here all came from human brains like yours. We can do it!

Special Thanks:

Operativo Houston Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization of Texas

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